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September 2015: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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How much do you know about the places where Mitch Rapp operated?
I hate writing about places I havenít beenóitís so hard to get a feel for them from a book or the Internet. The Survivor, for instance, featured Istanbul and London, both places Iíve spent time living. Iíll be heading to Costa Rica this January for a similar reasonóone of the villains in the next Rapp book is from there.
How much do you know about spook operations?
A fair amount. My father was an FBI agent, the Legal Attachť to the UK, and the director of Interpol, so I was surrounded by people in the business starting at a very young age.

August 2015:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

Will there be a signed copies available for preorder?
No, but you can call ahead to one of the event stores and reserve a signed copy but it wonít be sent until after the event. There is no way to preorder a signed book and have it delivered the day the book becomes available.
Whatís it like to read a book that you wrote?
Itís honestly hard to see it for anything more than its individual components. I think a few years will have to pass before I can read The Survivor and see it the way I would have if Vince had written it.
Is @KyleMillsAuthor really you on twitter?
It is! But donít expect too much. Iím just getting the hang of social media.
What are you reading?
Iím deep into researching the next book, so my nightstand is stacked with stuff about ISIS and Russia.
What are you listening to?
I listened to a lot of music this week while reworking my garage wood shop and I found myself returning over and over again to Early Morning Hymns by The Old Canes. If youíre interested in an alternative take on rootsy folk, give it a try.
What are you watching?
Just finished binge watching Breaking Bad. What to take on next? Maybe The Wire?

July 2015:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

Q: Who will be narrating the audio books?
KM: I'm happy to announce that George Guidall (Unabridged Edition) and Armand Schultz (Abridged Edition) will narrate The Survivor.

April 2015:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

If I pre-ordered The Survivor when it was originally offered, do I need to pre-order it again?

KM: If you ordered your copy this year, it will be delivered. If you ordered your copy before 2015, your retailer should have reimbursed your order.
Will you be doing a book tour?
We are still working on the details. Stay tuned for updates.

March 2015:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

Do you have a website?
Yes, I do and it includes a page dedicated to Vince Flynn: http://www.kylemills.com/for-flynn-fans/
Actors sometimes take trips and lessons to help them better understand their character. Have you ever done something like this for any of your books?
I travel pretty extensively for research, but mostly to get the setting right. Having said that, my South African character from The Ares Decision was very much inspired by my travels through that country and Namibia. In a way, sheís a composite of people I met there.
I was curious as to your thoughts on the movie American Sniper?
I havenít seen it. Kyleís book is in my To Be Read stack and Iíd rather get the story from the horseís mouth. Everyone tells me itís a great flick, though.

February 2015:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

Where in the time-line of the Mitch Rapp career does the future novel, The Survivor, fit?
It starts a couple weeks after the end of The Last Man and continues that plotline. The Rickman Affair wasnít fully resolved and it was pretty clear that Vince intended to use it as the foundation for The Survivor.
I was and am a huge fan of Vince's. I know Vince was a huge watch fan, and owned several Rolex's and Panerai watches. He also would speak of them in his books. I remember he once mentioned Mitch Rapp wearing a Rolex Submariner. I was curious as to if you also planned on taking note of all these "small" details? I work in the Watch industry as a profession, so that's the motivation for the question. All the best to you and I look forward to you continuing the legacy.
Iíll definitely continue with the small details where they involve opsóso weapons, surveillance equipment, etc.

Otherwise, authors tend to provide details on things they have a passion for. With Vince, it was watches and to some extent fast cars.

Iím not sure I own a working timepiece and I drive a sixty-year-old pickup that I occasionally have to weld back together. If I recall correctly, though, I did wax rhapsodic about a really nice pair of Dynafit ski boots in The Survivor.

January 2015:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

Vince's stories seemed to be so current or actually ahead of today's headlines and threats, how will you maintain that aspect of the series?
Our novels are similar that way, so it should come naturally.

Iíve always tried to write books that predict the next potential threat and how it could be dealt with. I wrote about the rise of al Qaeda when it was still obscure for instance, as well as building stories around weapons technologies that are in the early stages of development. One of my latest manuscripts is about hostilities breaking out between Japan and Chinaósomething that seems more and more plausible every day.
Are we going to learn more about Greta and Donatella?
Thereís a sly mention of Donatella in The Survivor. Not by name, but fans will pick it up.

The prequel series (American Assassin and Kill Shot) was meant to be a trilogy and Iíd like to complete it. Greta is the most prominent loose end. Probably not the next book, but maybe the one after that.

December 2014:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

When will The Survivor be published?
Tuesday, October 6, 2015. The book is not yet available for pre-order. When it is we will let you know.
Is there a movie update?
We ask the studio for movie updates each month. When there is an update we will announce it in the newsletter.

November 2014:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

Are you in touch with Vinceís family?
Iíve swapped a few emails with Vinceís family and friends, and Lysa has made some helpful comments on the first few chapters of The Survivor. In fact, I just figured out how to incorporate her comments while on a depressingly snowy trail run yesterday.

What is your writing process; do you do it every day?
Yup. Nine to five weekdays while my wife is at work and the house is quiet.

My process has actually changed a bit to fit Vinceís style. Iím writing the chapters out of order and then going back to edit earlier pages on a strict schedule. The goal is to write one new chapter and revise one older chapter every day.
Who are your writing heroes?
As far as thrillers go, Tom Clancy. In my mind he had it allóa solid prose style, realistic characters, plotting wizardry, and an incredible grasp of technology. I think The Cardinal of the Kremlin may be the best thriller ever written. In fact, my book Sphere of Influence was loosely inspired by it.

Outside my genre, Stephen King. Is there anything that guy canít do? Also, George Orwell. He had an amazing gift for distilling the darkness in humanity.
Will you be continuing your other novels?
Iím sure I will at some point, but it looks like the next couple years will be devoted to Mitch.

October 2014:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

Are there notes or other information that give you an idea where Vince thought Mitch was headed?
Unlike me, Vince wasnít much of a note taker or outliner. All he left was a three-page chapter thatís available to read on his site. Those pages seem to work best as chapter one, so Iím writing the prologue.

The good news for me is that The Survivor was clearly meant to be a continuation of the story started in The Last Man. If you read that book carefully, you can get a pretty good idea of where Vince wanted to take it.
With the government, technology and weapons playing such an important role in Vince's books, do you have a depth of knowledge in those areas?
Absolutely. I grew up in an FBI family and my father went on to become the legal attachť in London, finally retiring as the director of Interpol in DC. Family friends spanned from CIA to MI6 to special forces, so I had a lot of time to pick up the rhythms of that world.

Iím also a complete science and technology geek, but Iíll be moderating that a bit for the series. Mitch is more of a low-tech Glock guy than a James Bond exploding watch type.
If the Mitch Rapp film is made, what actor would you like to see play him?
A controversial question! Iíve never had a strong sense of a particular actor for Mitch. If weíre talking about the later books (chronologically speaking) Iíd probably go with Colin Farrell. Heís got the right look and does intensity really well.

With American Assassin, Iím drawing a blank on a twenty something actor who is well known. Maybe someone we havenít seen before.

September 2014:  Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

How are you preparing for taking over the Mitch Rapp character?
The first big hurdle was re-reading all the books and taking detailed notes. I think I wrote about a hundred and forty pages on everything from Mitchís personality and history to the locks on Irene Kennedyís front door. Now I have it compiled into an encyclopedia of sorts.

As of last month, Iíve finished my outline for The Survivor and am in the process of writing the first few chapters.
How do you think you are similar/different to Vince in writing style?
In many ways our process is different. I write huge outlines while Vince hated them. My books tend to be a bit morally ambiguous whereas Vinceís have a strong sense of good and evil. His characters are usually disciplined and accomplished while mine were more flawed.

I think the differences between our styles are a good thing in the end. It keeps me on my toes and makes it obvious when Iím getting lazy and slipping into old habits. The prelude I wrote last week is a perfect example. When I reread it, I realized it was a solid Kyle Mills scene but not such a great Vince Flynn scene. So I went back and reworked it.
Will any of your Mitch Rapp books be part of the American Assassin prequel sub series?
A number of fans have mentioned to me that Vince wanted to do one more prequelóa follow up to Kill Shot. I hadnít been aware of that but it might be fun at some point. Iíd like to know, for instance, what happened with Greta.
Are the Mitch Rapp books similar to any of your previous books and, if so, which ones?
With The Survivor, I have a pretty good map. While Vince didnít leave anything more than the first chapter, The Last Man had a lot of clues as to where the story should go.

After that, itís going to be up to me. Fortunately, with everything going on in the world, thereís a lot for Mitch to deal with!

Probably the closest would be The Ares Decision, written for the Ludlum Covert-One series. Fade also might be a good choiceóthe lead character is a former Navy SEAL. Heís a bit quirkier than, say, Scott Coleman, though. Actually, a lot quirkier.

Q & A With Kyle Mills (click on the question to view the answer)

How long have you been a fan of Vince Flynn?
Since the beginning. Vince and I started writing books around the same time and I picked up his first one just to keep my eye on the competition. After that I read them for fun.
Do you have a favorite Vince Flynn book?
I think Consent to Kill. I loved it as a reader, but also admired it as a writer. Itís really hard to keep that pace going for so many pages. My dark horse is Kill Shot. It was a terrific take on the spy-out-in-the-cold theme.
This is not the first time you have written a book based on a character created by another author. What was it like writing for Robert Ludlum created characters? How will taking over Mitch Rapp compare?
The characters I did for Robert Ludlumís Covert-One series werenít as well defined as Mitch Rapp, probably because a number of authors had been involved over the years. That gave me leeway to sneak in a bit of my own style.

This is a very different challenge. Because Mitch is such an iconic and beloved character, my goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. If I do my job right, it will be hard to pick out any stylistic difference between The Survivor and prior books.
Do you have full autonomy as to the direction of the Mitch Rapp character or did Vince map out future storylines?
With The Survivor, I have a pretty good map. While Vince didnít leave anything more than the first chapter, The Last Man had a lot of clues as to where the story should go.

After that, itís going to be up to me. Fortunately, with everything going on in the world, thereís a lot for Mitch to deal with!

Kyle Mills Answers Your Questions

Interview With Kyle Mills
Movie Update
Movie Update: During the Vince Flynn Tribute Event on October 6, Vinceís agent Sloan Harris indicated that CBS Films option expires on April 30, 2016. If production does not begin by tat date, the film rights revert back to the Flynn Estate. Harris was optimistic that progress will be made by then.
You have done an outstanding job continuing the Mitch Rapp series! When will the next one be out?
Iím about half done with the follow up and it should hit the streets next fall. No title yet. Iím terrible at those.
Thank you for The Survivor, I enjoyed it, the first book I ever bought on pre-order. I wondered if we would see more of Sydney Hayek?
Probably not. I have other plans for Mitchís love life.
Great cover for The Survivor, is it a real building?
Wisely, no one ever asks me about cover art. So I can identify it only because of an odd coincidenceóI once lived in an apartment just down the hill. Itís Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey.
What are you reading?
El Misterio de Salemís Lot. Still brushing up for my location-scouting trip to Costa Rica. Itís the home of Mitchís new nemesis, Grisha Azarov. Plus, I love Stephen King. Itís amazing how vivid some of the scenes from this book still are in my mind. The last time I read it, I was nine years old!
What are you watching?
Fear the Walking Dead. Itís killing me slowly, but my wife loves it.
What are you listening to?
This month Iíve been obsessed with young European girls. Wait...that didnít come out right. Check out Hinds from Madrid, Spain and Pale Honey from Gothenburg, Sweden.
October 2015: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Tourtiťre. This oneís from my motherís French Canadian roots. Itís a sausage and potato pie thatís been traditional at my house since I can remember.
What are you reading?
Ebola: Through the Eyes of the People by fellow Wyoming resident Dr. William Close. This was published in 2002 about an earlier outbreak. Weird fact: Dr. Close is Glenn Closeís father. So, if you ever meet her, completely ignore here illustrious acting career and tell her how incredible her father was.
What are you watching?
I just picked up a DVD set of The World At War. People my age will remember this 26 episode documentary from when we were kids. Everything you ever wanted to know about WWII, told to you by Sir. Lawrence Olivier.
What are you listening to?
Christmas music, of course! My favorite CD is Christmas RemixedóHoliday Classics Re-Grooved.
November 2015: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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December 2015: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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What is Kyleís favorite holiday tradition?
For as long as I can remember, my family has set up makeshift tables on the floor and had a bunch of people over for fondue. That tradition continues for what I think is the 46th straight time this year.

Does Kyle have a New Yearís Resolution?
Same as every year: To learn to play guitar better.
What are you reading?
Absolutely nothing! Iím trying to get the first draft of the follow up to The Survivor done by the first of the year and itís sucking up every waking hour.
What are you watching?
Still working on The World at War. Thatís a seriously long documentary.
What are you listening to?
Bagel Radio. You can find this on the Internet and hear stuff that would never make it to commercial radio. There are a lot of creative artists out there.
Will you be going back and filling in the gap from Kill Shot to Transfer Of Power?
I would love to, but I couldnít get the powers that be excited about the idea. Itíll get done someday one way or another. I actually thought it might be fun to serialize it and get a bunch of fan participation. Maybe give the proceeds to cancer research or something. Finding the time, though...
What was your process for gettting comfortable with the character of Mitch and how long did it take?
Iíve been a fan since the beginning, so I had a pretty good idea who Mitch was. The problem is that everyone sees the character through a different lens. The key to writing Mitch is to understand how others see him and to try to deliver in a way that speaks to as many people as possible.
Who do you think is the best villain Mitch has been up against?
I always loved the Rafique Aziz character because of all the history. My favorite thing about Vinceís writing was how skillful he was at creating rich, hatable antagonists. People forget about that because theyíre dazzled by Mitch, but Mitch is only as good as the enemies he battles.
What are you reading?
An early preprint of Joshua Hoodís Warning Order.
What are you watching?
Absolutely nothing. Iím in Costa Rica doing some location scouting for the new Rapp novel and Iím just happy to have power for twenty-four hours in a row.
What are you listening to?
A friend of mine just gave me a bunch of old REM stuff. I havenít really listened to them since college and had forgotten how great they were.
January 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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February 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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Do you see Mitch Rapp facing ISIS in any future books?
Yup. The next one.
What are you reading?
The Complete Idiotís Guide to Music Theory. Once again, my New Yearís resolution is to improve my guitar playing.
What are you watching?
All the terrorism documentaries that I have stacked up on my TiVo. I swore Iíd watch them after I sent in the manuscript for the new book, but doing it in one push is turning out to be incredibly depressing.
What are you listening to?
Bowie of course!
March 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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Do you write on a computer? Do you print it every night? How do you back it up? Iíd be a nervous wreck!
I do. I print the first draft every night, but none of the other drafts ever get printed. I email it to myself at the end of the day, I have an online backup that runs every night, and I do a Time Machine backup every week. As the Spec Ops guys are fond of saying: ďTwo is one, one is none.Ē Iíve expanded that to three.
What do you think of the casting of Michael Keaton to play Stan Hurley in the American Assassin movie?
I think heís going to be fantastic. I never really thought about him, but the moment I heard his name I thought ďAha! Yes!"
Do you follow college basketball? If so, do you have a pick for the tourney?
The sum total of my knowledge about basketball is that tall people play it.
What are you reading?
Lessons from the Mountain by Mary McDonough. I spent some time with Mary at the Tucson Book Festival last week. Super interesting woman. This is about her growing up as one of the cast members on The Waltons.
What are you watching?
The Paris-Nice bike race. The season begins!
What are you listening to?
Palomino by Trampled by Turtles. As fun a country/bluegrass album as Iíve heard in years.
What are you reading?
Vacations are when I catch up on all the articles Iíve torn out from magazines over the past few months. So, National Geographic, Wired, and The Week.
What are you watching?
Iím on vacation right now and the house Iím staying in doesnít have a TV. So nada.
What are you listening to?
My wifeís playlist in the car every day. Oh, man...
April 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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What do you think of the rumor that Dylan OíBrien will be playing the young Mitch Rapp in the American Assassin movie?
Love it! I wasnít familiar with Dylan but watched The Maze Runner last week. Heís the right age, right intensity, right look, and has a nice athleticism about him. Canít wait!
Do you feel competitive with other thriller authors?
I never have. My goal is always to write the best book I canóso the competition is mainly with myself.
What are you reading?
Getting ready to start A Rage for Order: The Middle East in Turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS. It was recently recommended by Fareed Zakaria.
What are you watching?
I started Veep, but then got depressed because Iím pretty sure itís a documentary and not a comedy.
What are you listening to?
Aheym performed by The Kronos Quartet. Interestingly this classical piece was written by Bryce Dressner of the rock band The National.
May 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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What are you reading?
Like Water For Chocolate
What are you watching?
Boundless. A funny reality show about four somewhat hapless endurance athletes competing around the world.
What are you listening to?
The new Radiohead record: A Moon Shaped Pool
June 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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July 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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What are you reading?
Como Agua para Chocolate: I got stuck with the English version of this book years ago on a plane and was surprised to find that I loved it. Taking a run a the Spanish version now.
What are you watching?
The Tour de France, of course!
What are you listening to?
The podcast Skepticís Guide to the Universe.
Kyle is focused on the Order To Kill Book Tour.  Ask Kyle will return next month.

Instead of Kyle's Q&A for August and September 2016, there is movie news.  Read it now!
November 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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Will there be any more books coming out after Order To Kill?
Yes there will be. The next book will be published the same time next year.
December 2016: 

Q & A With Kyle Mills

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A Message From Kyle
Happy Rappmas!

I hope everyone has a terrific holiday season!

- Kyle Mills