Term Limits (Mitch Rapp Does Not Appear) American Assassin (Mitch Rapp #1) Kill Shot (Mitch Rapp #2) Transfer Of Power (Mitch Rapp #3) The Third Option (Mitch Rapp #4) Separation Of Power (Mitch Rapp #5) Executive Power (Mitch Rapp #6) Memorial Day (Mitch Rapp #7) Consent To Kill (Mitch Rapp #8) Act Of Treason (Mitch Rapp #9) Protect And Defend (Mitch Rapp #10) Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp #11) Pursuit Of Honor (mitch Rapp #12) The Last Man (Mitch Rapp #13) The Survivor (Mitch Rapp #14) Order To Kill (Mitch Rapp #15) Enemy Of The State (Mitch Rapp #16)
I'm a Chicago native, but recently moved to Richmond VA with my husband.
I have a background in biology (specifically in Molecular Weed Science), but
currently work as a housewife and I love it! I enjoy running, gardening and
the outdoors.

Why did you start reading Vince?
I was on vacation with my boyfriend (who is now my husband) and his family
in Aruba. His dad was reading Vince Flynn and brought along some extra
books for the rest of us to read. I'm not usually a big reader, but I was
immediately drawn in to American Assassin! I couldn't put it down!

Do you have a favorite book?
I really enjoyed American Assassin because it helped me relate to Mitch Rapp and think of him as a normal person, not just a trained killer.

Do you have a favorite character and why?
Mitch is without a doubt my favorite! He is so smart and skilled at everything he does! He reminds me of my husband, however my husband is just a boring Emergency Room Physician-not an assassin! :-)

Who do you envision when you read about Mitch Rapp?
Maybe this is silly, but I envision my husband as Mitch Rapp! :-)

If you could be a character in a Vince Flynn novel, who would you be?
I would definitely want to be Greta because she's not only beautiful, but she's kind of knows how to kick butt too!

Is there anything else you would like to share relating to Vince and his novels?
My husband and I recently went on a relaxing honeymoon in Cancun and brought along some of Vince's books. The only night we stayed up past 10pm was when we were up until midnight finishing our books! (The picture attached is of me reading Kill Shot on the beach in Cancun!)

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